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When Mom and Dad Can No Longer Live Alone

Reality hits hard when adult children realize mom or dad isn’t safe living alone anymore, and the worst thing a family can do is ignore it.

There is always the option of placing a parent in an assisted living or a nursing home facility. More recently, however, homecare is becoming an increasingly popular option—which means the adult kids can hire a homecare aide or become one themselves.

While there is something bonding and special about family care-giving, there is always the risk that a son or daughter will become so consumed with meeting parental needs that they burnout. A licensed home care agency is often the solution to ensure mom or dad receives the appropriate level of care and families get the respite they need.

Ethan Kassel is a licensed clinical social worker specializing in geriatric care management. In 2007, recognizing the increasing demand for dependable, high quality, comprehensive care programs and services for the elderly, he co-founded a licensed homecare agency to provide homecare and care management services  with business partner and registered nurse Kerry Boland.

Ethan’s staff comprises certified home care aides who are supervised by an on-staff nurse. Aides assist individuals with activities of daily living—activities which people normally do every day without needing assistance—and include eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring (walking) and continence. Aides also provide clients with reminders about medicine.

While some families choose to hire personal aides privately, Ethan emphasizes that there’s an advantage to working with a licensed agency. An agency, he says, takes responsibility for screening aides, and this includes running criminal background and driving-record checks. A licensed agency also pays the aides’ wages, taxes and insurance—both liability and workers’ compensation. And, in the event an assigned aide is ever sick and cannot report to work, an agency can draw qualified back up from its pool of resources.

Ethan’s 20 year career in geriatric care management equip him well to assess patient needs for service and communicate care plan and service requirements to clients and/or their families, attorneys and/or guardians. He also acts as a liaison to clinicians, professionals and agencies—literally all the multidisciplinary teams involved in client care.

“The relationship between an aide and a patient is an important aspect to care management,” he says, “one that cannot be overlooked.”

So is communication with families, he adds. “Sometimes siblings or relatives disagree on protocols. It’s important to iron out all issues at the beginning of the process, before we commence care.”

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Licensed Home Health Aides: the Best Option for Senior Care

Using a licensed home health care service is the best way to ensure a senior is safe and independent when living at home. Ethan Kassel explains the requirements of licensed home health aides as well as the care and relationship benefits of using a licensed aide to best meet your loved one’s needs.

Keeping Seniors Safe at Home

Ethan Kassel is passionate about working with seniors, and he’s focused on ensuring their safety when they’re in need of assistance living at home. Overseeing a team of top notch licensed home health aides, Ethan makes sure a senior is eating well, getting to medical appointments and managing the activities of daily living, all the while he is helping you talk to your loved one’s health care professional and, as importantly, making it easier for you to enjoy quality visits with your mom and dad.

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Do you draw from licensed, insured and appropriately screened aide workers?

Yes, my resource pool of home health aides are licensed through the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. All staff members are insured, as well as, thoroughly screened through our selection process. All staff must have at least two years of work experience as a Certified Home Health Aide under the supervision of a registered nurse. Our staff work directly for Garden State Eldercare and the company is responsible for all Workers Comp and Liability insurance.

Who pays for the Services?

I provide are a private pay service. In most cases, clients with Long Term Care insurance will be reimbursed for the service. My services extend to assisting with submitting claims and supporting documentation.

What makes the service you provide different?

I provide a service overseen by a Registered Nurse and Social Worker who bring over 20 years of clinical experience to their work with clients and families.

What services do you provide?

My aides help with various personal care services, enabling a senior loved one to stay in his or her home. Some of the services include: bathing; dressing; meal preparation; medication reminders; escorting to social and medical appointments; toileting and incontinence care; live-in care and overnight care.

Who can benefit from this service?

Seniors and their family members who wish to remain in the home and struggle with the following issues: Memory deficits; decline in functional ability or self-care activities; fall prevention or other safety concerns; medication compliance challenges; social isolation/lives alone; family members who live at a distance; family/and or caregivers who need time to work or fulfill other obligations and a caregiver/family member who is physically unable to provide care for a loved one.

Are the workers insured and/or bonded?

Yes, all workers are insured and bonded as well as thoroughly screened through our selection process.

Who can make a referral?

Anyone can make a referral. Simply call 1-800-445-6262 to determine the services that are offered to you or your family member. Your physician or other referring agency may also make recommendations regarding your healthcare—just be sure to designate your desire to be connected to a home nursing agency.

Who can benefit from a Private Duty Home Care program?

Customer Experiences:

  • Memory deficits
  • Decline in functional ability or self-care activities
  • Falls or other safety concerns
  • Medication compliance challenges
  • Social isolation/lives alone

Caregiver/Family Member Concerns:

  • Caring for a loved one who lives at a distance
  • Needs time to work or fulfill other obligations
  • Physical inability to provide care for a loved one

Life Resource Plan

What is the best course of action for you and your loved one? Find out by talking to a consultant and creating a Life Resource Plan.

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