Welcome to the Long Term Living Association, a team professionals, providing seniors and their families comprehensive longevity solutions—financial, cognitive and physical—fostering outcomes designed to help them live life with purpose, meaning and dignity—on their own terms.

Our outcomes allow individuals to live life with purpose, meaning and dignity.

As a single point of access, the LTLA comprises subject matter experts offering a complete range of resources and services to manage various longevity issues and help your loved ones live life on their own terms.

Conversations focused on a loved one’s health and well-being can be uncomfortable. That’s why people often delay planning for their later years, find themselves unprepared to deal with changing life events and end up in crisis mode. Unsure of where to turn for trusted advice or unaware of available options, they may be forced to make decisions quickly and have to settle for solutions that satisfy an immediate need but do not fulfill a senior’s preferences or effectively accommodate his or her long-term goals. We can help you create your longevity plan, or, if you find yourself in crisis mode, we will help guide you through the maze of multiple providers and services. Our goal is constant: helping your loved one live life with purpose and dignity—on his or her terms.

Our approach begins with a well thought out process and conversation.

This could be focused on issues such as developing retirement income strategies to support a current lifestyle or protecting estate or assets to arrange for aging in place or care in an assisted living facility. We ask many thought-provoking questions and establish a dialogue with you enabling us to fully understand the kind of life you envision for yourself and your loved ones and educating you about potential options.

These conversations enable us to develop a plan and make recommendations that match your life preferences. What’s more, we will periodically review your plan and make adjustments based on any changes you and your family encounter along the way.

Our alliance members include vetted financial advisors, attorneys, assisted living specialists, certified relocation and transition specialists, reverse mortgage specialists, eldercare specialists and senior real estate specialists.

Our comprehensive team-based planning approach eliminates the need for flipping through multiple directories to find credible and qualified providers, removes you from the roles of caregiver and coordinator and gives you peace of mind, knowing that your loves ones are well-cared for.