More than 200 guests attended the private launch commemorating the founding of the LTLA, an innovative organization with a mission to provide comprehensive longevity solutions to individuals, families and businesses who are seeking expert guidance on the issues associated with aging and longevity.

Welcoming specially invited guests to The Park Avenue Club last October, LTLA Founder Michael FitzPatrick spoke of longevity as a time when individuals are navigating uncharted waters as they grapple with serious decisions about health, care management and housing, and the legal and financial challenges that accompany them.  As rewarding as the gift of long life is, Michael said it is also at the root of  a 21st century problem: people living longer without the education available to assist them in finding solutions to the challenges they face and the coordinated resources to help them establish and execute a plan that will simplify their journey.

Michael introduced the LTLA team, trusted experts who provide services to seniors and their families, as the change agents who will provide the 21st century solution to these issues. Michael said the team will use the Life Resource Plan, the LTLA’s custom roadmap for a personalized aging strategy, to simplify and clarify the process and provide access to the services and solutions that make sense for families now and in the future.

Thanking the guests for attending this landmark event, Michael invited them to share their ideas, insights and experiences so the LTLA can most effectively serve seniors and their families and diligently work to reframe the conversation about aging.