The Long Term Living Association was just an idea back in 2009 and then officially launched in the fall of 2015 to address the multiple challenges faced by an aging population.

michael_speakingThrough his work in the Retirement Planning and Long Term Care Insurance field, Michael FitzPatrick saw firsthand that there were many gaps in the services and guidance provided in these areas of health, financial literacy and empowerment, psychological well-being and a sense of dignity and purpose.

Even more impactful, were the observations he made as he worked with consumers trying to fund long term care and the professionals who serve them.

Again and again, Michael drew the same conclusions: Few, if any, people plan for the potential onset of a life-altering condition or disease.

Too many consumers seek solutions when in crisis mode and because they are under the gun make less than perfect or suitable decisions to accommodate their loved one or family’s need.

Our Philosophy

The purpose of the Long Term Living Association (LTLA) is to assist employers, employees, individuals and families who are seeking professional expert guidance to address the issues associated with long term living.

We are focused on those who are prudently planning for the future as well as those who are currently in crisis mode, struggling to efficiently navigate the multiple professional disciplines available to them.

People rely upon the LTLA, regardless of their geographical location, to be the single primary point of contact to help them
unravel the complexities of their personal needs.

It is our belief that a coordinated effort that matches an individual’s needs with the most relevant professional resources available is the best method. By simplifying the process, the LTLA saves people substantial amounts of time and alleviates the stress, financial burdens, and emotional strain that long term living typically places upon a family.