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Diane Vezzuto

Leaving a Long-time Home is Overwhelming a Senior Relocation Specialist Can Help

Moving can be an overwhelming experience for seniors. Whether simply downsizing or moving to a residence in which they will have access to convenient services, and/or medical care, seniors are letting go of a lifetime of memories and their emotions are running high.

Diane Vezzuto helps level the fears of seniors who are in transition whether unexpected or planned. As senior relocation specialists, they take on the physical business of moving for individuals, typically 60 years old and upward.

Their services include packing up a client’s current home, coordinating a move with the mover, unpacking items in the new location—even designing the a floor plan and layout of furniture in the new space. In between, they identify what needs to be either sold or donated and manage either or both of these services.

“It’s definitely one-stop shopping,” says Diane. “Not a piecemeal service.”

It’s tactical—some might even call it tedious—work with a lot of business minutia. Still, it carries a lot of heft. “What we do gives families time to spend with mom,” says Diane, “They don’t have to do the physical work themselves.”

The many seniors without children or family also benefit significantly from having someone to step in and perform the work for them. Plus, the service is a real help to individuals whose children live and work faraway.

The decision-making part about what to pack is challenging. That timetable of as long as 12 weeks prior to moving is often a surprise to clients. The first step of any engagement is an assessment, segmenting what will stay and what must go based on how much will fit into the new space.

Diane performs a thorough review process—touching things, talking about their importance and the attachment, love and memories a client has with a specific piece. Taking photos and saving the pictures to disc often eases the separation.

Educating a client—really proving—that a piece might not fit in the new space can be difficult but necessary. Doing it in a way that makes the senior feel a part of the process is crucial.

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Lightening the Load When a Senior Moves

Moving late in life can be emotionally and physically exhausting for a senior because of the need to disconnect from familiar and often cherished surroundings and to face the many tasks of downsizing and relocating to new quarters. Diane Vezzuto explains how working with a senior relocation specialist can lighten the load, reduce stress, and organize all or some aspects of the moving process.

Lending an Empowering Hand During a Major Life Move

Diane Vezzuto understands the unique challenges seniors face when they move from their long-time homes, and their goal is to make the transition as anxiety-free as possible. Whether providing a single point of contact for all moving services or filling a specific relocation need, Diane can assist you and your family throughout the process with the support and careful listening that leads to positivity and empowerment.

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Can you help me get rid of my ``stuff``?

Yes, however, maybe not in the way you had in mind.  Due to the changing climate and decreased demand for furniture and fine smalls such as crystal and china, the market for selling has been diminished over the past several years.  This is due chiefly to the new “generation’s” (that would be your children and mine!) lack of desire for antiques and collectibles.  Consequently, we have to look for more creative avenues to repurpose our belongings.  Donation sites are abundant and can accommodate most items. This provides a new life for the possessions you want to give away as well as tax donation slips for the donator.

Are you able to take care of our whole move?

Yes.  We can do everything but “drive the moving truck.” We will help find you an appropriate mover and interface with them too get your move done.  We will prepare for the move, oversee it and manage the process until the very last box is gone and the last picture is hung.

Are you insured?

Yes.  We possess the appropriate levels of Workman’s Comp, Liability and Fidelity Bonding coverage.  In addition, all of our employees must undergo criminal background checks in order to meet the bonding requirements.

What training do you have to qualify you as a senior move manager?

Caring Transitions is a national company and requires all its independent owners to undergo classroom and hands-on training. Caring Transitions personnel are also required to receive training to become Certified Relocation and Transition Specialists (CRTS), a certification which is updated annually. Most office staff members voluntarily acquire other training, certifications and national affiliations requiring additional training.

The North Central New Jersey office owners are a former social worker and an industrial design professional and home inspector. The office holds the Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist and Certified Senior Advisor designations.

The Rockaway, NJ office owner is a former social worker experienced working with older adults, their families and caregivers. This office holds the Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist designation and is a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers.

The staff at both northern NJ offices provides a systematic plan tailored to each client’s unique needs. This helps to enable a smooth transition with a minimal amount of stress. We combine our talents in floor planning, downsizing, organizing, packing and resettling and provide the emotional support and empowerment necessary to manage a major life change.

How can we afford all of your services?

Our services, while comprehensive, are available on an “as needs” basis.  For instance, not everyone may need or choose to take advantage of our floor planning services, but may need help with downsizing, donating and packing.  We provide a complimentary consult to assess each individual situation and provide an appropriate action plan.

What if I become too anxious trying to downsize and make decisions?

Our social work backgrounds are an asset in our work with clients. We help stay focused on the task at hand and take your emotions into consideration to minimize stress.

Because we understand that everyone reacts differently to a life change such as a major move, we personalize each project to meet your individual needs and provide the encouragement and guidance to help you in decision-making.

How will I know if the furniture I want to take with me will fit into my new residence?

We provide floor planning services that to ensure that your furniture will fit in your new surroundings. We measure the various pieces of furniture you want to move to your new home, and evaluate their potential placement on a scale drawing of your new residence. Then you will sit with us and finalize a floor plan that suits your needs and purposes. This has proven to be of great value in helping people choose items that will be size- appropriate for their new home.

What about all the stuff that’s left in house that needs to be removed after we move and before the closing of the house?

We have various ways of providing a final cleanout of your home to make it “broom clean” for the closing. We work with many charitable organizations that sponsor donation drives as well as junk removal services. Your final cleanout could involve a combination of these services, depending upon the items that need to be removed.

Can I still be in my home when you’re setting up for an estate sale or on-line auction?

No. Although the house is still yours, the setup of an estate sale can result in considerable stress. The house will be in disarray and not necessarily safe to live because of the tables and supplies that need to be brought in for staging. It is best for you to move into your new home before the setup begins.

During the sale itself, the client cannot be on-site. “Buyers” are less likely to buy if they realize the owner is onsite. Our experience proves that sales are better and the bottom line increases when the client is offsite.

My parents live in New Jersey and I’m in Arizona. Can you help them move closer to me?

Yes! Nationwide, we can coordinate with approximately 200 organizations that provide relocation services. We can pack and help you downsize here in New Jersey and then tap into our close-knit network of owners to facilitate your connection with staff, say for example, in our Arizona office. They will meet with you and your parents and then help your parents settle in to their new Arizona home.

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