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October 2017

Can You Have Other Insurance Besides Medicare

Can You Have Other Insurance Besides Medicare?

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Are you trying to decide what’s the best health coverage for you or a loved one?  What if you already have health insurance? The choices can be confusing and overwhelming. To help you better understand your options, here’s what you should know about Medicare plans and other types of insurance so you can get the right coverage to meet your needs. Read More

What are the differences between Medicare Part A, B, C and D?

What Are the Differences Between Medicare Parts A, B, C and D?

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Seniors work hard throughout their lives hoping to spend their retirement in comfort. Their loved ones want to ensure that everything possible gets done to provide proper care. It’s important to understand all of the things that Medicare Part A, B, C and D cover, and what they don’t.  Look at the potential services that might be required for a senior. Is it clear that Medicare will provide compensation for needed care? No one wants to see their loved one cut off from much needed medical services due to a lack of proper coverage.
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