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Senior Living Placement Specialist

Expert Tips On Finding An Assisted Living Community

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When you notice your parents starting to need help with their daily activities like dressing, bathing, eating, grooming and medication management, it is time to start looking into the benefits of an assisted living community. 

You will need to consider multiple factors when deciding on the most ideal housing provider for your parents including the upfront and monthly costs, staff experience and community and medical needs. In this post, we’ll dive into all of the aforementioned topics as well as address some of the misconceptions you might have when choosing an assisted living location. Read More

Case Study: How A Senior Living Placement Specialist Can Help You Find Your Forever Home

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We recently had the pleasure of speaking to our Senior Living Placement Specialist, Connie Pizarro, about her experience helping a client transition into an assisted living community. Moving into an assisted living community is a big change, especially for seniors who may not have family members to help. Here’s how Connie aids in the transition and helps seniors find the right place to spend their golden years. 

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the ultimate guide to senior housing and transition

The Ultimate Guide to Senior Housing and Transition

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Although no one wants the time to come, it is important to recognize the signs that your aging parent may no longer be able to safely and independently live alone. This can be a very overwhelming realization for your family. Moving can be stressful for anyone; but making this transition from a long-time home into senior housing communities or  an assisted living residences, is a life-changing experience.  This dramatic life change can be hard for seniors as well as their family members.

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