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the ultimate guide to senior housing and transition

Although no one wants the time to come, it is important to recognize the signs that your aging parent may no longer be able to safely and independently live alone. This can be a very overwhelming realization for your family. Moving can be stressful for anyone; but making this transition from a long-time home into senior housing communities or  an assisted living residences, is a life-changing experience.  This dramatic life change can be hard for seniors as well as their family members.

Long Term Living Association is here to help make the adjustment easier for everyone involved. Here are some senior downsizing tips and some ways LTLA can help make the move a bit easier.

senior downsizing tips

Senior Housing Options

Despite what everyone wants, the reality is that your parent living at home alone may not be the best choice. When you are worrying about every day things such as hygiene, eating nutritiously, forgetting to take medicine, mobility and socialization; your parent is not thriving.  Their home may not be a safe environment any longer. 

When living at home alone is no longer an option, Certified Senior Advisor Dina Frauwirth can help.  Dina assists with important financial, geographical, and care level factors to help your family make the best decision about assisted living residences. This no-cost service offers vast knowledge of the diverse range of assisted living facilities and can help provide guidance as your family searches for the best residence option for your loved one.

Senior Moving Assistance and Relocation

Do not underestimate the emotional toll that moving takes on your aging family member. When they are faced with disconnecting from familiar and often cherished surroundings and forced to downsize to move to senior housing communities or assisted living residences, it can be very difficult.

Diane Vezzuto, Certified Senior Relocation and Transition Specialist (CRTS) with LTLA, understands the relocation process and is here to help with senior moving assistance.  By calming the fears of those who are in transition, Diane makes the transition as anxiety-free as possible.

LTLA’s services include packing a client’s current home, coordinating with the mover, and unpacking items in the new location. In addition, Diane helps the senior prepare for the move and performs a thorough review process.  This offers important senior downsizing tips such as touching things, talking about their importance and the attachment and memories, to help a client part with personal items.senior moving assistance

LTLA’s Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES)

As people age, they typically find that their high maintenance lawns and oversized homes no longer suit their needs. LTLA’s Senior Real Estate Specialist, Jo Anne Johnson, understands the special needs of the mature client who is selling, buying and relocating. She also understands this  is an emotional time for her client having to leave a family home filled with memories.

As a Senior Real Estate Specialist with LTLA, Jo Anne understands the many issues involved with a late-life move and can offer the emotional support and financial guidance so you can understand the steps to take when helping your aging parent move. Serving as a partner and consultant, her goal is to reduce stress and assist with decision-making for your family.

Schedule A Call

Let the team at Long Term Living Association help your family with this difficult transition and be your primary point of contact for education and information for your aging family member. Contact us today here or give us a call at now at (800) 868-1193 to schedule a time to discuss your family’s senior moving assistance needs with our helpful staff.

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