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Case Study: How To Find Your Best Home As You Age

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We recently had the pleasure of helping a couple in their 70’s make the transition from their family home to a new residence better equipped to handle their changing needs.  Our team of advisors met this wonderful couple right as they were making the realization that it was time to start planning for the future. Here’s how we helped.

Mind Over Body

As we age, our minds can stay sharp as a tack, but sometimes our bodies don’t quite keep up. That was the case with this particular couple. They could run circles around us mentally, but when it came to getting around their own home they were facing difficulties. Jack* recently had several surgeries and is mobile, but with the help of a walker. His wife, Jane*, also has significant health challenges, spending most of her time in a wheelchair and on oxygen.  Getting upstairs to the bathroom or downstairs to the laundry room in their three-bedroom colonial has become a challenge. The stairlift they had installed was helpful, but it was still a chore to reach parts of their home that were once easily accessible. 

The couple originally met with LTLA’s financial planner to help plan for retirement and determine if they had enough funds to move into a new home while still maintaining their current home and getting it ready for sale. Our financial planner referred them to the Senior Real Estate Specialist and Senior Move Manager. A senior move manager can help make tough decisions and work with you to decide what is best for your current and future needs.

Moving On

Working with our Senior Real Estate Specialist, they were able to determine that the best arrangement for them, both financially and in terms of their personal freedom, was to transition out of their home and into a new independent living community. They chose a 55+ community close to their house of worship and doctors. From here, LTLA’s senior move manager was able to facilitate and execute the move over several months. From the financial planning they received, the couple actually made the decision to purchase their new apartment months before they needed it since it was a desirable two bedroom, two bath unit; the only one in their selected building! In this new facility, they are able to get assisted care two to three hours a day, four or five days a week. LTLA’s home modification specialist also came aboard to install handrails, shower bars and other hand holds throughout the new space as needed. 

Breaking New Ground

We were able to work successfully with this couple to help them transition from their old home and into a place where they could have peace of mind. Working closely with them and their children, we developed a plan for their future. They decided that it would be best to move into a new community and convert their old home into a financial gain. Their family home is currently being prepped for sale, complete with new paint and upgrades making it desirable to new buyers. 

Making the Sale

Our team worked around the clock for several months to help Jack and Jane make the sale and comfortably settle into their new home. It can be a difficult decision to leave behind a home you’ve had for years, but as this couple can attest, there really is no price you can put on personal freedom. The couple was relieved to have the support and independence they needed in their new place.

Coming Home, Again

It’s a common misconception that transitioning from your home means giving up freedom. On the contrary, it can often mean finding new ways to become free. Now that this couple has sold their old home and moved into a new one, they are feeling freer than ever.

Takeaways from this Story

  • Transitioning from your old home can be the most freeing choice you make
  • Our team of advisors can simplify the process and take the pressure off of you and your loved ones
  • Longevity planning is at its best when you start the process early

How LTLA Can Help You!

At the Long Term Living Association, we take pride in providing financial, cognitive, and physical support to seniors and families. If you’re looking for a senior citizen real estate specialist and resources to help you sell your home and move, the Long-Term Living Association (LTLA) is here to support you during this process. To learn more, visit their website at longtermliving.org or call 1-800-868-1193 to make an appointment.

Senior Real Estate Specialist

Jo Anne Johnson

joanne johnson

*names have been changed to protect privacy