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Get Moving: 4 Top Reasons to Consider Assisted Living

Mrs. Jones puts up a good front when her children come to visit. She’s gotten good at hiding the truth.

Had her children checked just a little deeper, they would have found things to be amiss. Her personal bathroom looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in months, especially the toilet. Very little food is in the freezer or cabinets.

 Unanswered mail lies stacked in a corner of her bedroom. Although her closet appears full, much of the clothing needs repair or is threadbare. The dates on her medication bottles are several months old, indicating she hasn’t had them filled and hasn’t been taking them as prescribed.

For any number of reasons, Mrs. Jones has hidden the truth from her children. Perhaps, she doesn’t want them to worry. Or, she doesn’t want to be a burden. Or maybe, she doesn’t want to leave the family home. But, for her well-being and safety, something needs to change.

Sometimes, it’s hard. We all get busy.

But, had her children looked, really looked, at their mother’s living conditions, red flags would have gone up. Just a little closer inspection would have given them a reason to look for something better for their mother.

One such option is an assisted living community where she will receive professional care to ensure she is safe, healthy and her needs are being met. A senior living facility can provide for her needs now and in the future as those needs increase.

What are the 4 Top Reasons to Consider Assisted Living?

While there are many reasons someone might consider an assisted living community for their parents, or for themselves, invariably, there are four top reasons this choice is made. Let’s look at them now.

Safe Living Environment

A senior living community can provide a safe living environment:

  • The building itself undergoes rigorous inspections and is maintained by onsite personnel.
  • Security cameras are positioned throughout the facility to monitor activities.
  • Professional personnel are onsite and awake 24 hours a day.
  • Meals are planned and professionally prepared providing for each resident’s individual dietary needs.
  • Medication is administered by a professional med tech or nurse.
  • Memory care facilities provide a secure environment to prevent wandering from the premises.


Seniors can become isolated in their homes for various reasons. Perhaps, driving has become difficult or they have begun to feel uncomfortable or unsafe when driving. Or, many of their friends have moved or passed away, leaving them without the social network they once had. And, as they see more and more violence in the world around them, they have become fearful to venture out alone.

These are just a few reasons seniors begin to isolate themselves, making assisted living a viable alternative to living alone.

A senior living facility provides socialization through structured daily activities planned and overseen by a trained activity director. Additionally, the residents are surrounded by people their own age where friendships can develop. Professional caregivers are also available 24 hours a day.

Help with activities of daily living

Seniors often find activities of daily living to be increasingly difficult due to things like injuries or disease, stiffening joints, lack of energy, or memory issues.

In an assisted living facility, they receive the services needed for their safety and well-being. Professional personnel are available to help with bathing, dressing and grooming. Meal prep, housekeeping, medication administration and transportation services are provided by professionally trained personnel as well.

Peace of Mind

A senior living facility provides peace of mind – the kind the allows you to sleep well at night knowing that mom and dad are safe and well cared for.

Removing the responsibilities of caregiving allows the adult child to be just that, a son or daughter who can spend quality time with their parent without having to deal with all the caregiving responsibilities that rob them of that privilege.

In summary

An assisted living community provides:

  • A safe place for mom and dad to live
  • A social network and structured activities
  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • Peace of mind knowing mom and dad are safe and well cared for

Locating and choosing the right assisted living facility takes planning. But Long Term Living Association’s senior living facility placement specialist, Certified Senior Advisor Dina Frauwirth, make it easy. Schedule your appointment today.

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