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The Benefits of a Senior Move Manager

The Benefits of a Senior Move Manager

Senior Move Managers have an innate ability to estimate the needs and concerns for a particular home and person. The process includes interacting with several service providers, family members and professionals to coordinate a senior’s relocation. In this case, Senior Move Managers can work with the realtor to stage the family home for sale, making good use of family items not selected for the move.

Moving at any age is a chore. Emotions reach high points for seniors when it comes to leaving the family home. Hiring a Senior Move Manager helps to ease the frustration and feelings triggered by the move. For seniors the thought of leaving behind precious memories add to the stress. A Senior Move Manager removes the stress by organizing and de-cluttering the family home and selecting favorite pieces for downsizing to the new residence.

It took years to collect these possessions. It takes time to plan and sort through each room of the home preparing for the move. Long Term Living Association is ready when it comes time to make the decision to relocate. Stop and ask for help from an experienced Senior Move Manager.

Ask Questions and Find Out What Works Best

Meeting with the move manager at the family home is important. They can develop a moving strategy that fits the home and family. Something to keep in mind – what looks like junk to the adult child holds a precious memory for the senior. Experienced move managers can answer questions and offer practical solutions on keeping or donating items. Some benefits of a Senior Move Manager include:

  • The move happens without feeling tired, exhausted and drained.
  • They plan, coordinate and execute the entire move.
  • Take a deep breath; the household goods are in safe and caring hands.
  • They work with organizations to handle the excess furniture.
  • Senior Move Managers understand this is a life change.

Be Part of the Plan – Get Involved

When emotions are involved conversations and decisions get mixed-up. Senior Move Managers help in tying together the communications between seniors and adult children. By working together, they create the perfect layout with memories and personal items fitting into the new floor plan. Familiar pieces rekindle a comfortable setting easing the change for the senior in their new home. Benefits of a senior Move Manager include:

  • Coordinating the move plan together
  • Downsizing with a purpose to keep memories
  • Meeting with the movers to pack and move
  • Creating a floor plan that feels like home
  • Setting up the new residence

Managing the Move-Out and the Future Move-In

Downsizing presents a challenge in keeping furniture sized for a larger home. The reality of lifestyle changes for seniors follows the same pattern. One idea for downsizing and bringing the memories along is to create a collage wall of photos. As part of the personalized service, an experienced move manager can coordinate the room arrangements for the senior. Some tips for the new space include:

  • Extend the life of family pieces and pass them to family members.
  • Fill the new home with comforting memories.
  • Put everything into place for easy access and function.


Change is challenging and the emotions are physically draining. No matter how hard it may seem, Long Term Living Association has the resources ready to help.  As a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers take comfort in knowing you will be working with experienced professionals, bound by a commitment to integrity, ethics and safety.  Senior Move Managers offer family and seniors a safe and reliable moving option. At the end of the day, they have a space that belongs to them.

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