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The Importance of Expert Healthcare Advocacy for Seniors

By August 24, 2017Health and Wellness
The Importance of Expert Healthcare Advocacy for Seniors

Healthcare advocacy for seniors is extremely important, especially for patients who have difficulty expressing themselves. Having an expert on hand to advocate for the elderly will accomplish several things, including maintaining the patient’s health and well-being. Senior advocates can identify potential issues and have them corrected before they start to cause major problems for the patient.  They are also able to speak for the patient when an advocate is needed so that both parties are on the same page when it comes to treatment, costs, and quality of services received.

Senior Advocates


Senior advocates work with both the provider and the patient to make sure the patient understands their disease and the treatment options that are available to them. Educating the patient on various types of treatment available allows them to make an informed choice concerning their health care instead of just choosing one because of cost or on the advice of the provider.

One of the goals of an advocate is to make sure the healthcare team understands the patient’s needs and expectations. At the same time, they also help to educate the patient on how the system works and what steps must be taken to get them the care they need.


Senior advocate services offers patients a voice so that their concerns are effectively heard and understood by their provider. The enhanced communication also helps the patient in the same way. With the lines of communication open, both parties are better able to understand one another.

Both the healthcare team and the patient are able to contribute to the dialogue without fear of misunderstandings or miscommunications. Where the patient may have trouble making themselves understood, a senior advocate is capable of bringing both sides together through mutual understanding and effective lines of communication.

Maintaining Efficiency

Senior advocates help the elderly to utilize all of the services available to them. They are able to find the most affordable options so the patient can stay within their budget. One of the main goals of senior advocate services is to ensure the patient is satisfied with the level of care they receive.

For many seniors, it’s difficult to find the type of services they need. Not because they don’t know what they need, but because they may not know exactly where to look. An advocate has the resources available to them to find what is needed and make the connection.

Advocated for Senior Issues

Continuity of Care

A senior advocate also helps to maintain continuity of care. As patients get older, they may need higher levels of care. Seniors who live on their own may not realize the gravity of change they are experiencing until their quality of life changes. A senior advocate can identify these subtle changes and help the patient get the help they need so that they can continue to live on their own for as long as possible.

When the time comes that they are no longer able to fully care for themselves independently, the advocate can assist them in transitioning from living on their own to an assisted living facility. This enables them to continue to receive the level of care they need at all times.

In Summary

Advocate senior services offer a pathway that connects both the patient and their healthcare team while at the same time relieving stress on the rest of the family. Senior advocates are able to ensure both the patient and the healthcare team are on the same page at all times through the use of: 

  • Education
  • Communication
  • Efficiency
  • Continuity of Care

Being able to efficiently utilize all of the services that are available to them, seniors can continue to receive the highest level of care possible at all times. When you need the services of a senior advocate call the Long Term Living Association today to find out how they can help you maintain your loved one’s quality of life.

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