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How to Improve Your Senior Health, Wellness and Life

By August 3, 2017Health and Wellness
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Aging in a person’s senior years is as graceful as they make it. They can either slow down and let life pass them by or they can plant their feet, hold on tight and ride out the adventure. In order to live a full and active life, they need to concentrate on their health and wellness. There are still many things that can be accomplished that will help them to remain strong and productive members of society. Wellness takes many forms. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health should each be a priority. The more effort a person puts into their health and wellbeing, the longer and more satisfying their life will be.

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Wellbeing and Longevity Practices

One of the first things on the list should be to remain as active as possible. Exercise daily, join a gym, learn about strength training or go dancing. Any of these activities will keep a person on their feet and moving forward. The more active they are, the stronger their body and mind become. Create healthy lifestyle habits that revolve around favorite activities. This improves how the body and mind functions and can add years to a person’s life. Establishing positive lifestyle habits provides a foundation for improved health and wellbeing that can increase longevity.

Improving Quality of Life

Increasing a person’s level of activity helps to keep them mobile. Improved mobility means more flexibility and healthier joints that are able to sustain longer periods of activity. The more mobile a person becomes, the greater their range of motion. When they begin to realize that they can move safely and effectively without pain, they’re more likely to want to get out and explore the world. Socialize! Visit with friends or take a day trip to the beach. An improved quality of life allows them to embrace each moment and live for the future.

Benefits of Coaching for Mental and Physical Wellbeing

The benefits of wellness coaching for mental and physical wellbeing include finding new ways to cope with stress and the obstacles that are sometimes associated with getting older. Professional wellness coaching can also identify potential health problems that may be overlooked. Finding the first signs of illness in the earliest stages can slow down the progression of the disease. This is especially beneficial when it comes to conditions like arthritis, dementia, and osteoporosis. A wellness professional can also offer diet and exercise recommendations that focus on specific health issues.

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Achieving Your  Health and Wellness Goals

Everyone should have goals they want to achieve. Seniors should be no different. It’s important to set goals that keep them looking toward the future. The most important goals should revolve around a person’s health and wellbeing. They need to learn about their health and take an active role in their own health care. Take part in activities that stimulate both the body and the mind. When it comes to mental and emotional wellbeing, they must find things that make them happy and embrace them.

In Summary

Seniors have many tools and resources available that will allow them to make the most of their golden years. Exploring them will give them an opportunity to find the key to unlocking a whole new world full of opportunities.  Seniors should practice these 4 tips to achieve longevity:

  • Remain as active as possible
  • Improve quality of life by staying mobile
  • Practicing wellbeing and longevity to improve quality of life
  • Utilizing professional health and wellness coaching to achieve goals

Getting older can take a toll on how a person perceives their own usefulness. Lorie Gardner of Long Term Living Association offers help to seniors who are interested in improving their lives on all levels. She can help create healthy lifestyle choices that will improve a person’s physical health and wellbeing. Lorie can also guide when it comes to improving both mental and emotional wellbeing. Contact Lorie and Long Term Living Association today and learn how she can help a person appreciate themselves more fully and live a more enjoyable and complete life.

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Our Health and Wellness Specialist

Lorie Gardner