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Live Your Legacy: Embracing the Longevity Bonus

By October 31, 2018Legacy and Philanthropy
Living Your Legacy: Embracing the Longevity Bonus

Have you thought about how you will be remembered by generations to come?  Most people believe that legacy is something you leave when you pass – something that gets laid out somehow in the instructions in a will.  We define legacy as the stories you create and tell while you’re here on this earth, sharing the journey with those that you care about.  The belief is that you get to “live” a legacy rather than “leave” a legacy. As a bonus, we each get to have a hand in choosing what that legacy will be.  

We are living in great times; we are living longer, healthier, more vibrant lives.  For many of us, retirement has taken on a whole new meaning and purpose.  This longevity bonus give you the chance to think about the difference you want to make.  In a way, it’s like building your personal brand – crafting the way that others will perceive you, and ultimately remember you, and your family. donation to charity after death

How Will You Write Your Own Story?

Philanthropy and legacy are not just about the money, but more about the core values, passions and someone’s vision for the world.  Most all of us are already philanthropists, doing things every day that are geared towards improving our communities and the lives of those around us.  Despite what many believe, you don’t need a ton of resources, financial or otherwise, to make a difference. But what you can do right now, is to think about the wealth you are working so hard to accumulate, and how the journey to accumulate that wealth can help build and foster family traditions that can last for generations.  Legacy and philanthropy are about the choices we make – how we will give back, when we do it, and who we are going to do it with.  These are the choices that ultimately define our legacies.

For those interested in being more intentional about their giving and how it impacts family tradition, a good place to start is to speak to a professional who can help you come up with a plan for your giving.   Utilizing the services of a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy ®  will help you with that process.

How a CAP® Can Help You Live Your Legacy

A Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® (CAP®) works with individuals and families who are looking to make difference in their communities and proactively craft their legacies by adopting a purposeful, intentional approach to their philanthropy. CAP®s provide individuals and families the fresh perspectives, knowledge and skills to be more impactful when it comes to their giving.  A CAP® can help bring individuals and their families together and guide them as they clarify and articulate their philanthropic values, passions and vision. They then use that clarity to put a purposeful plan of action in place to honor those values and maximize the impact they can make in the community. This is not about doing things you are not already doing.  It’s about doing those ordinary things in extraordinary ways.setting up a donation in your name for charities before passing

To Live Your Legacy:

  • Speak to a professional about how you might go about supporting the issues and causes your care about most.
  • Put a plan in place and discover how an intentional, well thought out approach to giving can help you share the values, passions and visions you hold dear with those around you.
  • Discover how giving, when done with purpose, can impact the giver just as much as it does the recipient.

Schedule a Time Now to Discuss How You Can Live Your Legacy

Contact The Long Term Living Association today to schedule a phone call with a member of the professional team to discuss the needs of you or a loved one. Our Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy, Jay Weisman, can help you unlock your potential to make a profound and lasting difference in your community.

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