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How Do I Select the Right Home Care Provider?

By May 11, 2017Home Health Care
How Do I Select the Right Home Care Provider?

The aging process inevitably creates health problems and limits abilities while also reducing quality of life through social isolation, a lack of independence and other markers. But a home care provider offers services that can improve quality of life and make the aging process easier on seniors and their families.

What Is a Home Care Provider?

This type of provider offers the care needed to help aging people stay in their homes while having their medical care, personal care and social needs met. This option provides a welcome alternative to nursing homes and other facilities while providing quality care and increasing seniors’ independence.

What Are Your Options?

Many types of home care options exist for seniors and their families to choose from, which allows families to find the right fit for their needs. Here are some options:

Home Health Agencies (HHA)

A home health agency sets up health care services for seniors in their homes. These services include skilled nursing and therapies. The agency will send professional health care providers, such as registered nurses and certified nursing assistants, to provide medical supervision, administer medication, care for wounds and provide other medical care specific to each person.


Hospices are organizations that provide end-of-life care for people who have been given an estimated diagnosis of six months or less to live. This care can be given in a person’s home, and it provides a team approach with doctors and nurses, home health aides, clergy and social workers, and sometimes therapists and volunteers. The goal of hospice care is to manage pain, provide comfort and help with emotional, spiritual and psychosocial needs.

Homemaker and Home Care Aide (HCA) Agencies

Many seniors benefit from homemakers and home care aides. Depending on the situation and type of home care needed, these providers can help with meals, light cleaning and personal care services, which include services such as bathing, grooming, toileting and dressing. These providers can also provide companion care for isolated seniors and can bring seniors to social engagements and medical appointments. This type of agency matches the care providers with seniors who need them.

Questions to Ask a Provider

Once a family decides on a type of home care option, they next need to find a quality provider that will fit their needs. Asking various direct care providers and agencies the following questions will aide in the process of choosing the right one:

  • How long have you been serving your community?
  • Do you furnish a ‘Patient Bill of Rights’?
  • Are you licensed by the state?
  • What is the range of your services?
  • What is your employee vetting process?
  • Are the employees insured and bonded?
  • Do the employees have workers compensation insurance coverage?
  • Is there a contract or long-term commitment?

In addition to asking these questions, it is smart to ask for references from people who have used the service.


  • Choose a type of home care provider that best fits the family’s needs
  • Determine the best type of agency to fit those needs
  • Ask questions and check references to pick an agency or organization

Long Term Living Association (LTLA) offers home care services among its various professional services for seniors and their families. It includes a private duty home care program that offers quality personal care services. LTLA is bonded and insured with workers compensation and a minimum of two years of RN-supervised experience for employees. Contact LTLA to discover how its expert home care services match your family’s needs.

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