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What’s the Difference Between a Real Estate Agent and a Senior Real Estate Specialist?

Are you thinking about selling your home and trying to decide which agent to work with? Perhaps you need to sell your parent’s house and you’re not sure where to start. In the past, you may have worked with local real estate agents in NJ; perhaps someone who was a friend or relative. However, to better meet your needs, you may want to consider using a senior real estate specialist (SRES).

Comparing real estate agent vs senior real estate specialist

  • A traditional real estate agent may not have much experience working with seniors and understanding their needs. However, a SRES exclusively deals with seniors aged 50+ and is very familiar with their real estate issues.
  • Some agents are focused on making a quick sale so they can collect their commission and move on to the next client. However, a senior real estate specialist will take the time necessary to sell your home so you get the best selling price possible.

A SRES also understands the financial and legal needs of those who are in the 60-plus age range. If it’s necessary, a SRES will coordinate the sale with relatives who may need to be involved for various reasons.

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Getting help to find a new home

In addition to selling your home, you will probably need to find a new place that fits your lifestyle. You may want to downsize to a smaller home that’s easier to maintain and live in. A senior real estate specialist is familiar with these types of needs and can help you find a place that’s right for you.

In contrast, a typical agent may simply look for a place in a certain neighborhood or price range without considering these other needs. For example, you may want a one-story home or decide to relocate to a retirement community that’s geared to seniors and their lifestyle. Whatever you decide to do, a SRES is familiar with local options that meet your needs.

Assistance with relocating and moving

In addition to selling and buying a home, moving can be a very stressful experience — especially if you’ve been in the same place for a number of years and need to go through your belongings to decide what to keep and what to sell or give away. This can be an emotional process and having someone to support you can be very reassuring.

The good news is that a SRES can refer you to a senior relocation specialist who can help you pack, work with a moving company, and unpack your belongings at your new place. You might decide to donate certain items or hold an online auction or estate sale. The senior relocation specialist can set up a sale, stage your home, pack your stuff, and set up your new place, especially if you have less space than in your current residence.

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A few things to remember

As you start the process of selling your home and moving, you should:

  1. Decide who you want to represent you. In many cases and depending on your needs, a senior real estate specialist makes the most sense and is the right choice.
  2. Think about where you want to live after selling your home. You should consider your current needs, and if you should look into a community or assisted living home geared to seniors.
  3. Downsize if possible and decide what belongings you want to keep or give away.

The Long-Term Living Association (LTLA) has senior real estate specialists in NJ who are ready to help you get started with selling your home. Their website is at longtermliving.org or you can call them at 1-800-868-1193 to set up an appointment.

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